Introducing the CradleVue™ Laptop Travel Harness

The CradleVue Laptop Travel Harness.

The CradleVue is an ingenious, patent-pending device which is designed to securely suspend your notebook computer between the front seats of your vehicle — positioning it perfectly for unobstructed backseat viewing.

Do much more than just watch movies — play computer games or do homework while traveling. Hey — you're bringing your notebook computer anyway to exchange e-mail, surf the web, stay in touch with work, or write the next best-selling novel, so why not put it to use during your road trip?! The CradleVue allows you to do exactly that. And once you arrive at Grandmas or the Grand Canyon, just roll it up and stow it away.

Are you considering a built-in "entertainment center" for your car, SUV, or van? Let's add up the problems with them. They cost a lot. They're extremely expensive to fix. Their sensitive LCD panels can get hammered by Death Valley heat and Minnesota cold. You can't move them from your Hummer to your Honda. Most of them only play movies. They aren't ready to take advantage of in-car wireless web surfing. In short, they fall short.

The CradleVue installs in about one minute and is fully adjustable to accommodate SUVs, mini vans, cars, and trucks. Come see just how easy installation of the CradleVue is. It'll also custom-fit nearly any size notebook computer. Made of durable nylon webbing, tent-quality bungee-like shock cord, hook and loop fastening, and sewn to rigid standards, the CradleVue … well… cradles your computer and keeps it secure and in place while traveling. The patent-pending CradleVue allows for easy swapping of DVDs, and the unique design keeps the support straps from interfering with the fun.

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Integrated headrests? Seat covers? No problem. We include a one-of-a-kind accessory that'll fit the CradleVue to your seats better than a hand to a glove.

We're There Already!

Americans will travel nearly 35 billion miles this year — and we'd love to come along.

You've got a laptop. The SUV is gassed up and ready. The kids are thinking about the hotel swimming pool down the road. The CradleVue will help get all of you there.

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